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Does it seem as though there are just no tenants out there for you to rent to? Bay Rentals, whose 21 years of experience make us the oldest and largest rental referral service in the Bay Area, has a new program designed for landlords just like you! The program is called “Fast Track” and with it you will be able to give your vacancy higher visibility and help get it rented.

Unfortunately, the rental market has changed. There are still a good number of vacancies on the market, but there are even more tenants looking to fill them. Now, exposure is the name of the game. By advertising your rental on all important mediums simultaneously, you can be confident that the tenant who you´d trust to rent your property will see your ad.

Reflexively, the usual tactic that landlords take is to drop their rent. However, while it´s the easiest thing to do, it´s also the most expensive and usually the least effective means of getting your property rented. Even though the market has changed and rents have gone down, regardless of how low-priced a particular property may be, it will only be rented if a prospective tenant is somehow made aware of it. Providing this awareness to prospective tenants is what the Bay Rentals “Fast Track Advertising Program” is designed to do for you and your property. Again, exposure is the name of the game.

Although it may not seem the case from your perspective, believe it or not, there are tenants actively seeking a place to live. Approximately 100-125 prospective tenants are contacting Bay Rentals on a daily basis, each seeking our consultation to find a property which will fit their specific individual needs. While the people who subscribe to our service are a valuable resource for us to help you fill your vacancy, it is those individuals who choose not to subscribe to our service that make this program work. When these prospective tenants are presented with information on a relevant “Fast Track” property FREE OF CHARGE to them, the response has been quite impressive. For where these potential tenants would otherwise need to look at other avenues for finding a property to rent, not to mention being discouraged at not knowing where to go from here, they are now being provided with a listing of active properties for rent to call and view. If this isn´t an audience worth capturing, I don´t know what would be! Our “Fast Track” program allows you to capture this otherwise untapped resource of prospective tenants!

These “Direct Referrals”, paired with our internet advertising, are the primary forces in getting the job done, but, this still isn´t maximum exposure! We´ll also run bonus newspaper ads, come and shoot digital pictures, and provide credit reporting services to make our program phenomenally efficient.

Well over 450 properties have rented through this program in recent years! Give us a quick call at 408-244-4902 and find out if your property qualifies to become a Featured Rental. We will discuss how our “Fast Track Advertising Program” and 21 years of experience in the Bay Area rental market can work for you. Thank your for listing your vacancies with Bay Rentals. BAY RENTALS

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